KPCA Stakeholders Meeting This Thursday, August 25 at 6 pm

John Chris KPCA Argus

PCA Executive Director John Bertucci & Outreach Coordinator Christopher Fisher. Cropped image by Crissy Pascual of the Petaluma Argus-Courier

KPCA radio needs you!

The second in our series of KPCA Stakeholders meetings is coming up this Thursday, August 25, from 6- 8 pm at the Petaluma Community Access studio, 205 Keller Street, Suite 102 (downstairs) in Petaluma.

KPCA FM, will be a non-commercial, public access radio station, primarily featuring original programming written and produced by members of the Petaluma community.

The first meeting, on July 21, was an exceptional beginning for our creative production process. Better than a dozen folks joined us that evening, bringing with them a host of ideas for broadcast upon the Petaluma airwaves.

The Petaluma Radio Players’ Ralph Scott had the jump on everyone – the Players have several radio drama and comedy programs already done and ready for broadcast, with a bunch more in various stages of production. He also managed to round up some new vocal talent at that meeting.

Many others brought a host of fresh ideas and energy to the table as well. There will be music, of course. Several people expressed interest in producing blues and R & B shows; another plans on a program devoted to “None of the Hits, All of the Time.”

A few other ideas for local programming that the friends of KPCA have floating around, some of which are in various stages of development:

  • A Petaluma history show
  • The Petaluma music scene
  • Conversation with a comic/stand-up comedy
  • Sustainable local food & agriculture
  • Teen issues
  • Inspirational local human interest stories
  • Local politics and current affairs
  • Local sports

And that’s just the few that I can recall off the top of my middle-aged head.

Many others have stepped forward to volunteer to help, but it will take much more community input to make this happen. KPCA will need producers, writers, vocal talent, disc jockeys, sound engineers and a host of volunteers for all manner of duties – those that we can plan for and for those always-exciting, unexpected obstacles and opportunities that will certainly arise.

Do you have something you would like to do in radio? Now is the time and here is your opportunity to network with other community radio enthusiasts. Best of all, this will be an entirely community-created endeavor. There’ll be no corporate overlords staring over your shoulder making certain we sell enough ad time – KPCA will be non-commercial, not-for-profit radio.

Join us on Thursday August 25 and let’s bring local programming back to the Petaluma airwaves.





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