KPCA Stakeholders Meetings in the News

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Crissy Pascual image courtesy of the Petaluma Argus-Courier (cropped by PCA)

Petaluma Community Access would like to thank the Petaluma Argus-Courier – writer Hannah Beausang and photographer Crissy Pascual in particular – for the great write-up in last week’s edition of our hometown paper.

A big shout-out as well goes to the Petaluma Chamber of Commerce for featuring us in their August newsletter.

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Thank you all for your support.

Don’t forget – PCA’s John Bertucci will be on-hand Thursdays through the rest of this month to answer your questions and discuss KPCA’s progress. 6 – 8 pm at the PCA studio, 205 Keller St, Suite 102 (downstairs) in Petaluma.

KPCA CoC newsletter Aug. 2016

Image from the August 2016 Petaluma Chamber of Commerce newsletter.

First KPCA Stakeholders meeting was a hit! Join us next time, August 25

Saying the first KPCA Stakeholders’ meeting on July 21 was a hit doesn’t quite begin to cover it. We were delighted by the big turnout and continue to be amazed by the level of talent, skill, and creativity displayed by our Sonoma County friends and neighbors.

“We” is a bit of stretch in this case, since yours truly was covering a city meeting in Rohnert Park due to a last-minute injury to one of our longtime Access Assistants, but I did hear all about it from John Bertucci, our executive director, after the fact.  [Very glad to hear you’re doing better, Francisco!]

KPCA call letters

The enthusiasm and creativity displayed on the 21st appears to be contagious, as John’s been in overdrive this week moving over to join me in my office, so we may build a radio studio in the space he’s been in for some years now. He’s definitely caught the radio bug.

Please keep the ideas and and questions regarding KPCA radio coming! John will be on hand every Thursday evening from 6 – 8 pm at the PCA studio to talk about whatever KPCA-related matter is on your mind. What would you like to hear on KPCA? Would you like to volunteer to help make it happen? Let us know and we’ll put you on the volunteer list; we won’t be able to do this without you. Always wanted to be the DJ? Maybe now is your chance. Have ideas for a one-off or regularly-scheduled shows you’d like to produce? Come on down on Thursdays and/or join us for the next meeting on August 25, 6 pm at the PCA studio. There will be staff and other interested producers and volunteers here to help make it happen.

KPCA will feature radio programming of, by, and for the entire community. The airwaves belong to you and I. What do we wish to hear on them? Let’s figure that out together.

Big thanks go to the hometown paper – the Argus-Courier – and its talented crew for helping us get the word out, not to mention making us look pretty darn good – writer Hannah Beausang and photographer Crissy Pascual. You can read all about us in the July 21, 2016 edition, which can be found online here.

– Christopher Fisher, Outreach Coordinator