Season Changed, Office Rearranged

As the rain pours over Petaluma, we notice the inevitable change of ambiance. The days of California sun die down and we bid farewell to what seems like an everlasting summer.

As the summer sky changes to a dreary shade of gray, Petaluma Community Access endures some change of its own. As announced earlier this fall, PCA has acquired the building next door to its office. Abandoning the additional office space upstairs, PCA is now a more cohesive unit ready to serve members and the community.

PCA now takes up residence in suites 102 and 103 at 205 Keller Street in historic downtown Petaluma. Just walking distance from Petaluma’s unique restaurants, bars and stores, PCA is happy to be in the heart of this legendary city!

The expanded office building provides the same workspace for members to utilize. In addition to offering more space for the PCA staff, the new space will provide members with a small studio for filming purposes.

Needless to say, moving is never fun and easy. But anyone who has ever relocated can attest to the relief that comes with completing a move. As PCA turns over a new leaf, we’ve brought somebody along for the ride.

Cowboy Joe the Scarecrow was born on October 20th and has since taken up residence in the PCA office. Joe is here to celebrate Halloween with us and help transition visitors into the new season. Joe isn’t your conventional scarecrow, he comes from a family of rather short scarecrows. But what he lacks in size, Joe makes up for with his larger than life personality. Come check out Joe next time you are in the area.

With the passing of Halloween and November underway, one thing is for certain – the holiday season will be here in no time.      

Make sure to stay tuned! Our new studio will be up and running at our office soon. Contact PCA for more details.