Final Cut Pro X Workshop with Dan Villalva

Guest instructor Dan Villalva

Guest instructor Dan Villalva

With the release of Final Cut X in 2011, video editing was transformed. PCA offers classes to help you keep up to date with these exciting advances in post-production technology.

The original Final Cut interface was designed around traditional, non-computerized, editing work-flows, with four main windows that replicate tried-and-trusted methods of organizing, viewing and editing physical film media.

Because Everything Changed In Post.

Final Cut X is designed to account for the rapid evolution of film and video production. Today, video is recorded though an entirely digital process in which all resulting media files stored are on SD cards and external hard drives. The need for the editing interface to reflect traditional, physical film workflows is no longer necessary.

Some of the most compelling new elements for editors working in FCPX include:

Unified Import: Use the new single window interface to import from all sources. During import, the program can analyze footage and automatically sort it into groups of close-ups, medium shots, shots with two people or group shots.

Multicam: Edit multi-camera projects faster than ever before with a collection of innovative features.

Dual Viewers: Compare shots and match action by enabling a second viewer on demand

Streamlined Share: Deliver your work faster than ever from Final Cut Pro

The revolutionary design of Final Cut X improves the entire post-production workflow, making it faster, easier, and even more intuitive. Import, organize, edit, add effects, sweeten, grade, and deliver – all with unprecedented ease.

The enhanced changes in the software are significant and require some adaptation.

Whether you are just getting started with video editing, or are an experienced user ready to switch over to X, Petaluma Community Access has useful hands-on instruction opportunities for you!

Instructor Dan Villalva, a longtime friend of public access media and expert in video post-production, was most recently the Executive Director of the Community Media Center of Santa Rosa.