Summer’s Coming & Petaluma Community Access Will Be Here to Capture It

When the big Butter and Egg Days and Salute to American Graffiti events appear in our rearview mirrors, that means school’s out and summer is coming soon. Spring has not only sprung, it is almost over, and it has been a busy season around the Petaluma Community Access (PCA) studio.

Luke and Ed Anderson in the 2018 Butter & Egg parade

As usual, we covered the Butter & Egg parade. It’s an annual event dedicated to celebrating Petaluma’s long agricultural heritage that PCA has filmed for most of our 21 years. If you’re interested in a DVD of the 2018 parade, give Nellie a holler at or 707-773-3190. Operations Manager Jeff Trier is handling the editing and should be done before too long if we don’t add too much to his to-do list in the meantime.

As southern Sonoma County’s public access multimedia center, PCA is also frequently the place folks in the neighborhood call to help cover newsworthy community events of interest to the public that don’t make the area’s corporate media outlets.

That was the case with Robert Reich and Lynn Woolsey in Conversation on April 8. Sponsored by Literacyworks and Copperfield’s Books, this event featured a fun and very timely conversation between our much-loved former representative from the 6th congressional district and the former Clinton-era Labor Secretary upon the occasion of the publication of his latest book, The Common Good. Reich is currently a professor of Public Policy at UC Berkeley. View PCA’s video of the event above or on our YouTube channel if you prefer.

Literacyworks and Copperfield’s contacted PCA about another event coming up this weekend that you might not want to miss: Daniel Ellsberg and Peter Coyote in

Daniel Ellsberg and Peter Coyote. Image courtesy of Copperfield’s Books

conversation at the Petaluma Veterans Memorial Auditorium at 1094 Petaluma Blvd South. Ellsberg – among the most famous whistleblowers in U.S. history – recently published Doomsday Machine, a memoir about his work with the Pentagon on the subject of  U.S. nuclear war planning. Peter Coyote has become the unofficial narrator for our time, providing the voice guiding us through most of Ken Burns’s films, among many other works. He’s also a well-known actor, author and now a Buddhist priest as well. Pick up your tickets to this Sunday’s event here. Look for our film of the event later this month.

PCA was also there to film the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Forum at St. Vincent de Paul on May 4, featuring candidates John Mutz, Ernesto Olivares, and Mark Essick, the winner of the June 5 election and our new Sonoma County Sheriff. You can view that PCA video below if you’d like to get to know Mr. Essick a little bet better and hear some of what he had to say on the campaign trail.

Free Range Radio KPCA continues to thrive as well, with more than thirty shows now on the air! You can tune-in to KPCA at 103.3 fm or listen to us online via the live stream player at the website. We’re not on the air 24/7 yet, so visit the website to find out who’s on the air today. KPCA features some of the best community radio programming to be found anywhere, all produced by volunteer programmers from the Petaluma area. 

Among the newest programs on these airwaves is Talking with Rabbi Ted, featuring Rabbi Ted Feldman of Petaluma’s B’nai Israel Community Center. Rabbi Ted features

Rabbi Ted Feldman (r) with author Kenneth Kann at the KPCA studio

some of the most interesting people in our community, discussing all manner of cultural issues, historical and current events of widespread interest. My favorite show thus far may have been the recent visit to the KPCA studio of Kenneth Kann, the author of Comrades and Chicken Ranchers and Joe Rapoport: Life of a Jewish Radical, two major historical works on Petaluma’s radical Jewish chicken ranching community. 

Coming up later this month is our very first KPCA Presents concert at the Phoenix Theatre, another indispensable local community institution with whom PCA has a long history of collaboration. Starting at 8 pm on Saturday, June 30, four great Bay Area bands will grace the stage at the Phoenix: NRVS LVRS, The Y Axes, New Spell and Flour Flour. We are very excited about this show and look forward to many more events at the Phoenix. Visit the Facebook event page KPCA’s Philip Lehman-Brown set up for more information about these bands. You can pick up your tickets to the show here.

I saved the sad news for last. 


Last week KPCA Radio Manager Rob Tomaszewski and his family lost their longtime companion and furry four-legged friend, Honey. Honey was a sweet old Beagle mix with a youthful sparkle in her eye and a keen eye for fallen popcorn, thanks to her close proximity to the floor. She seemed to be mostly hair there towards the end, but even as she was about to pass away she put on a happy face. She lived a very long and happy life and we wish her family well. Everyone at Petaluma Community Access will all miss her. 

Lynn Woolsey and Robert Reich in Conversation, April 8, 2018 – Presented by Copperfield’s Books and Literacyworks

Copperfield’s Books and LiteracyWorks presents a conversation between Robert Reich and Lynn Woolsey, recorded at the Petaluma Veteran’s Memorial Building. Reich is Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and the author of the new book, The Common Good. Lynn Woolsey is the beloved former U.S. Representative for the 6th District of California. Reich and Woolsey were introduced by Literacy Works Executive Director Paul Heavenridge.